• Slaughter line 2000bph
  • Slaughter line 2000bph
  • Slaughter line 2000bph
  • Slaughter line 2000bph

Slaughter line 2000bph

In Stock

• Reception with roller conveyors and crates de-stacker
• Crate washer, Meyn with vapour suction and disinfection section
• Stunner
• Killing machine
• Scalding tank, Meyn, 2 track, scalding length ± 10m
• Picker
• Clean picker
• Head puller
• Automatic evi-line, Linco, 8”, with :
Vent cutter, Opener, Eviscerator,Cropper,I/O washer
• Hock cutter
• Grading unit, Scanvaegt, with three (3) flippers
• Hock unloader
• Hooks washer
• Hydraulic drives with hydraulic units
• Feather separator
• Feather pump with tank
. set of trolleys etc…

  • One bleeding carrousel, SS (New)
  • One scalding tank , SS (New)
  • One rotative plucker, SS (New)
  • One evisceration table (New), Length 2,2 m,SS Structure with Synthetic working plate
  • One set of manual evisceration tools (New):
    • Killing knives (3x)
    • manual evisceration fork (3x)
    • Manual lung remover (3x)
    • Manual feet/neck cutter(1x)



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