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Who are we ?

sophisticated human resources has gathered and brought up Vestahandel corporation by it’s sister company, Vasnad-co,  in various fields due to it’s communication and reputation with industrial countries around the world,  is able to provide different sealed quality industrial parts with the best prices. Cooperating with Vestahandel has the following advantages:

  • Appropriate quality according to announced specifications
  • Best Price
  • On-time Delivery
  • Having stocks in differing countires
  • So closed Cooperation with the most famous stocks and firms
  • Skilled Human resources
  • Providing high quality used machineries and their production line with warranty.
  • 24/7 Online support
  • Free Technical consult

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Our mission

Being a responsible business is central to our strategy  and how we deliver success is just as important as what we achieve. Having our customer’s satisfaction will improve our long-term financial performance which aim to increase our company’s growth.

Consult,Design, Providing and Implementing with the best price and quality at shortest time from the closest location for our dear customers.

Creating multiple stocks in different countries and becoming the biggest and safe stockist for good providing with best price.

Accessing to the best resources with high reliability and quality guarantee.

Our passion and enter entrepreneurial culture will ensure that we deliver for our customers in safety, quality and assurance today and in the future.

More than 25 years of trading experience at differ industrial fields and giving advice to various industries was the reason of creation of VESTA. Collections of these expriencesand giving services in various fields, from advising to implementing, installing and utilization, literally E.P.C.I.F, make Vesta thrived.

Vesta is not just an Industrial good seller. Customers are able to take our advise for free and pick the best recommendation for their requirements.

In 1990, Vesta trading group has started it’s activity in providing goods, machinery accessories. Nowadays, with appropriate arrangement, Vesta is totally at industrialists service.

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