• Drum Gas meter
  • Drum Gas meter
  • Drum Gas meter
  • Drum Gas meter
  • Drum Gas meter

Drum Gas meter

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RITTER manufactures Gas Flow Meters made out of various superior plastics and high grade stainless steel, which are used world-wide in research & development laboratories as well as in industry. These meters can be used for volumetric measurement of even highly aggressive gases with laboratory precision. We can provide any types of high accuracy  Gas meters with different capacities and for all kind of gases.


Drum-type Gas Meters TG-Series (Wet-Test)
Highest accuracy (±0,5%)
Measurement of all gases and gas mixtures with equal accuracy
Use with extremely corrosive and inert gases
Calibration traceable to German National Primary Standard
Lowest measurable flow rates
Largest selection of measuring ranges
Real time data acquisition option for PC (requires option »Pulse Generator«)
Most durable construction – available, both chemically (from high-quality thermoplastics) and mechanically (stainless steel)
Maintenance-free (just checking of packing liquid level required)
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