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Cable Fogger

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The DH 50 Fogger was designed with toughness in mind.
With a very fine droplet size and a remarkable performance, the fogger is characterized as a very reliable sprayer. Thanks to the user-friendly design, the fogger is especially easy to use and fill. Furthermore, you can adjust the droplet size very easy at the front cap by rotating the cap left or right.

 Simple operation method of the machine
a. Machine startup (Switch ON): Turn switch to
select 1-low pressure or 2-high pressure
b. Switch OFF: Operate the reverse way of
equipment startup method.
 Easy control of sprayed capacity by turning
nozzle cap left and right
 Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplet size between
5-50 micron
 Amount of injection: 0.2 ~ 1L / min
 Capacity of tank: 5L (max. 6L)
 Length of injection: Horizontal 5 ~ 10m

 Light-weight, portable
 Use of 220V (home-use), no place-limitation
 Spec. of medical nozzle 3.5 Ø
 Weight (dry) 5.0 kg
 Cord length: 10m


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